Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Campaign Proposal: Warmark Skerry

Alas the lovely Nightsky is moving away and our Sunday Night Gaming group is bereft of a wonderful Dungeon Master. In her absence and my enthusiasm about 5e, I'm looking forward to picking up the mantle of a new campaign, probably a six-monther? Hard to say.

I'm feeling Piratey, so I'm thinking about a seafaring campaign taking place in an archipelago of warring islands surrounding and vying for control of an untamed landmass of deadly secrets. The game will start with a treasure hunt and then hopefully morph into something else. Here are the highlights of my notes:

  • Somewhere in the untameable Warmark is the Ceraptor Heart: a gateway to an ancient civilization of great and terrible power. The key to finding it is the Eye of the Aboleth, split into 5 parts and scattered across the islands.
  • PCs choose affiliations (positive or negative) with various warlords, a la 13th Age Icons.
  • Muskets and flintlock pistols can be used as simple weapons as per crossbow stats. Flintlock pistols can be used 1-handed, but misfire on a rolled 1, doing weapon damage to the user and destroying the weapon.
  • May drop Green Ronin's Freeport as a home base.
  • Instead of a tentpole megadungeon, the Warmark island serves as a tentpole hexcrawl.

Stay tuned for more Warmark Skerry posts!

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