Thursday, August 21, 2014

My lazy Rappan Athuk Campaign

So Rappan Athuk is my current low-to-no-prep megadungeon campaign. Pretty straight-forward vanilla fantasy, all written down by someone else in an expansive tome, and lucky enough to be playing with the kind of awesome people who just want to have fun getting lost and in way over their head in a notoriously lethal dice-rolled-in-view and survivable-bragging-rights 50-level monstrosity. I just read parts of it recreationally now and then, look up stuff before and during game, and tweak it to my and my player's needs during play.

This is very lazy of me, and sometimes the game has suffered for it. My bad.

Orcus by Todd Lockwood, front & center
of my GM screen
My Rappan Athuk takes place on your typical Edge-of-Civilization coast. The stock backstory is that a great Army of Evil was driven out of the city a thousand years ago to disappear in the hill-lands, along with any and all pursuing heroes and their great treasures. Since then, rumors of a massive and deadly dungeon underneath a graveyard draws many adventurers to this region to their death.

Ten things going on that are/were interesting:

  1. Various rolls on the Death & Dismemberment and Carousing tables have resulted in Max's wizard ending up as a eunuch shriner wrapped up in a false cult perpetuated by a bunch of drunks in the back of a bar.
  2. The PCs killed a giant fire snake using only Tenser's Floating Disk and Mending. More details here.
  3. When they finally made it to a Big City™Charlotte slept with a witch and then totally kicked her out of bed and got cursed and ended up with a tentacle leg.
  4. J├╝rgen Mayer showed up from Germany with his lovely girlfriend and helped the group find a fort in the Rappan Athuk Wilderness, now named Fort Helgar in his honor.
  5. Mules and Lard were so frequently weaponized in the initial levels of play that the PCs ended up co-opting and financing a pig farm to keep supplies steady.
  6. The most powerful member of the party remains Mandy's wardog Carnage, I think I rolled a 42 on Zak's Wardog table, except that they encased it in Metal Snake Armor and it melted half its face off attacking a Gelatinous Cube so now it looks more like that thing from Brotherhood of the Wolf.
  7. Gnolls are rather easily cowed by pyromancy, it seems. And having burning mules dropped on them, too. Goblins can be easily convinced that they are powerful wizards through the use of an Unseen Servant spell. Bandits will stop and talk if you convince them you are an Insurance Adjuster.
  8. Green Gargoyle Eyes became quite a commodity for awhile, perhaps in remembrance of the Ripped-Apart-By-One death of Devildog Slaughterfist (RIP).
  9. Max's wizard became entranced with a cursed blue diamond for awhile and decided he wanted to live forever in a cup held aloft by a statue.
  10. "Dear Diary, though I am now known to the gnoll tribe as Gorgut The Pyromancer, linguistic confusion and overindulgence in the human's spiritdrink has resulted in my tattoo reading 'Gorgut the Pie Romancer'."
We're currently using Labyrinth Lord rules but with Lamentations of the Flame Princess spells.

You can read my review of Rappan Athuk here.

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