Monday, August 18, 2014

Warlords & Scoundrels of Warmark Skerry

Warlords of Warmark

The different Warlords act as both icons and factions. So a PC's Background Bond will involve picking a warlord and writing some sort of positive or negative relationship to them.
  • Karstellan Armada - Colonialists from a distant empire, hailing from the city of Tortaega’s Gate
  • The Living Shark God - The wereshark Black Dragorra heads an army of ravagers and reavers, his unquenchable appetite for conquest and claims of divinity setting this pirate above others.
  • Cult of the Kraken - The usual Innsmouthian hijinks.
  • Coral Queen of the Elves - PC elves are an underclass offshoot of the true underwater kingdom, able to breathe water but held in contempt for their landwalking.
  • Captain’s Council of Freeport - squabbling politicos eroding their own pretenses of civilization.
  • The Fanged Count -Vampiric shadows provide some protection from pirates and slavers, but at what cost. City of Raven’s Deep.
  • The Pointed Compass - Wizards Guild and Wayfarer's society: reclusive, friendly, but exploitive.
  • The Iron Missions - Religious/Military followers of the Serrated Saint, dedicated to establishing outposts and converting the faithless. City of Blackrock Reach.
  • Shepherd’s Lock - both a hidden city (dwarf cave) and a Thief’s Guild and smuggling network.
  • Fetid Romanstra - Loose coalition of savage humanoids, centered in the Miregully Coven.
  • The Suckered Maw - Ancient lords of the Warmark Ceraptor

Scoundrels of Warmark

An NPC list of competitors, pursuers and hapless pursuees.
  • "Smoothtongue" McTeague - captain of the Midnight's Kiss, handsome and thoroughly amoral privateer deep in pursuit of the Jewel of Fortunes.
  • Dobby Widdershins - A shady associate of the former.
  • Padre Malvado - Warrior Priest of the Serrated Saint. Thoroughly lacking in a sense of humor. Probably constipated.
  • Boreastus the Beast AKA Snagglefang - Greedy, fat, elder red dragon; looking to leverage the secrets of the Suckered Maw. Also, lunch.
  • Lord Cerebor Faustling - Foppish merchant noble in Freeport. Probably the type who worships demons in his manor basement.
  • Paquito Flacido - Cartographer and helpless sycophant of the Pointed Compass. Obsequious, prone to boot-lickery.
  • Commodore Gallione - Karstellan commander of a flotilla of three Imperial ships: The Harpy, The Seawitch, and The Executioner. Honorable to a point, yet total asshole.
  • Throgg Gristlebeef of the Skull & Flagon Inn - rumormonger and adventuring profiteer in Freeport.
  • Captain ScarGut - Orcish pirate, smarter than he looks. Often accompanied by his mates Slash Slagle and Nevel the Knife.
  • Banner & Lurch - Fences and Information brokers.

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