Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Warmark Skerry Progress

We're two sessions into our new campaign, and while I'm nowhere near as good at giving entertaining Actual Play Reports as, say, Jeff Rients is; here's what's been going on:
  • Sabrina is playing Coral, a wood elf Monk with the Sailor background.
  • Graydon is playing Fri'lack (I've never known Graydon to make a fantasy character that couldn't benefit from an extraneous apostrophe or two), a tiefling Cthulhu-communing Warlock with the Acolyte background.
  • Max is playing Orryn Timbers, a gnome Druid with the Outlander background.
  • Rob is playing Roland, a human Ranger with the Soldier background.

5e flavor really does show up in interesting ways: Graydon's "Starlock" is telepathic, we came up with a way to roll which animals Max's druid had encountered and could thus shapechange into, the monk gets two attacks with her cutlass and belaying pin, these are good things, IMO.

As for the campaign setting, everyone seemed right on board with pirates, lost treasure, flintlocks and cutlasses, and I went ahead and upped the weird factor with a dose of healthy inspiration from the brilliant John Bell (along with some fun swamp ideas from the awesome Bryan Steward).

The Big Experiment of this campaign is to master the hexcrawl; no tentpole megadungeon in the Warmark, it's all warlord influence maps, random encounter charts, and unexplored and untameable islands of adventure. Because buried treasure, of course.

Anyways, the PCs explored a swamp pursuing a bounty, took out a bandit hideout, rescued a cartographer, avoided a troll, and made it back to Freeport in one piece. There they attempted to join a guild, attended an opera, and fought an illusory demon on stage. I didn't take any good pictures, I've got to remember to do that, but here are some of my campaign materials.

Can't wait for next week!

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